All Power to the Imagination! 1968 and Its Legacies

1968, as many remember it, was the time when the world saw a gush of radicalization throughout Africa which eventually resulted in radicalization in the European and American cultures. Following this year, there were several civil movements launched in Africa giving birth to several well known revolutionary leaders. On the other hand, the American and European cinema benefited from it as well. There were several stories on which films were made, novels were written and live journals were recorded. That one year, 1968, for sure changed the shape of Africa and affected many regions around the world.
If you want to know more about the legacies of 1968 then there are certain films that you can watch to get an idea of it. The first film that is a must watch is the ‘Frantz Fanon: Black Skin White Mask’. It’s merely a poetic film based on the true story of Frantz Fanon. The film talks about his life, his works and his contributions to the revolutions. Frantz Fanon was a philosopher and psychiatrist who later became one of the most influential revolutionaries of all time.
The second movie that is a must watch to know about the legacies of 1968 is ‘The Battle of Algiers’. It’s a drama movie based on the struggle of Algerian Liberation. The film mainly sheds light on the initial phase of the struggle which lasted from 1954 to 1958.
Similarly, there are other several films as well which can give you an idea of the legacies of 1968.

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